Cate Wall
Cate Wall
NASM CPT, Precision Nutrition Level 1

I was not an athlete growing up.  I discovered my love for fitness in college as a hobby and a stress reliever.  After college my career in event planning led to long days and poor food choices, I put on weight and felt tired and uncomfortable in my own skin.  A friend challenged me to run a 5k with them- never having run a mile in my life, I started training.  After that 5K, I decided to make feeling better a priority again.  

Life gets hectic, but movement continues to be an amazing stress reliever and confidence booster.  Believing that a healthy mother means a healthier family, I sought my personal training certification after the birth of my second child.  Being an active mom means I carve out time for myself, even if it's just thirty minutes in my day, or a workout with my kids. 

I have coached hundreds of people as an Orangetheory Fitness Coach, trained new coaches and trainers as a Regional Trainer, and worked with one on one clients. My goal is always a sustainable fit lifestyle that works for my clients and allows them to do more of what they love.  

If you are looking to feel better, take some time for yourself and get stronger-  let's do it together.  Send me a message and we can discuss your training and nutrition options that work for you and your family.  

Photography courtesy of Derek Fowles.


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